Celebrating 5 years of
Mansa-X Fund

Invest Exceptionally with Mansa-X.

Celebrating 5 years of
Mansa-X Fund

Invest Exceptionally with Mansa-X.

Who We Are

Standard Investment Bank is one of Kenya’s largest indigenous Investment Bank with shareholders’ funds at above Kes. 750million, and has a proven track record executing large, complex transactions on behalf of both local and foreign clients. We have a substantial and diversified client base that includes governments, fund managers, corporations, financial institutions, high-net-worth individuals and retail investors.

SIB is a leader in fostering regional market development through cross-border partnerships. Most recently, in December 2018, SIB was licensed as the first Money Manager-Dealer in Online Forex Trading in Kenya.

Our Belief

A Nation’s Prosperity Powers It’s Peoples Prosperity

We believe it is the right of every citizen to partake in the prosperity of the country and that it is our responsibility to arrange or enable this
opportunity to the best of our ability.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

We offer you information to help you interpret and make the best decisions tailored to your needs.

We provide detailed analysis and relevant insights that deliver greater success to the achievement of your business objective.

We ask the right questions, mine insight, structure solutions and mobilise financial resources to position you take advantage of opportunities.

We help you explore hedging or discretionary positions, charting a path that protects the company, and delivers a suitable risk adjusted return.

We provide context and meaning to market changes as well as fast and efficient block trades. Helping you ensure that the timing and pricing of your trades are favourable.

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