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The global markets division, set up in 2018 is the most recent investment solution offering by Standard Investment Bank.

Our Global Markets solution offers customers currency hedging solutions. Our customers enjoy premium service on hedging their businesses against the foreign exchange currency risks that they carry. Hedging has traditionally been difficult for some businesses that are engaged in foreign trade. The global markets team thus employs the use of derivative contracts such as forex forwards, forex swaps, and forex options to achieve an optimal solution to any foreign exchange exposure.

Through its flagship offering, MansaX fund, customers can gain exposure to position in most of the world currencies, precious metals, commodities, global stock indices and selected single stocks from around the world. Our Mansa Xperts make discretionary trading decisions on behalf of our customers.


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To exercise prudent investment decisions, our team employs state-of-the-art risk management tools and reporting software.

The global markets team has established synergies and partnerships with several international trading desks, brokerages and investment banks which offers our clients a wide array of solutions no matter the scale and physical presence of their business needs.

Reason One

Unparalleled Insight and Expertise.

For over twenty-five years, we have built up a leading position within the region in corporate finance, equities trading and research. Numerous industry awards testify to our dedication.

Reason Two

Turning Aspirations Into Capital.

We have been entrusted with over KES 246 Billion in corporate transactions for the regions largest companies while over 130,000 investors have chosen SIB as their investment partner.


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