Pauline Mwai

Executive Director, Finance

Pauline is an accomplished finance professional who has made significant contributions to SIB since she joined in 2010. Starting as an accountant, Pauline demonstrated exceptional talent, quickly rising through the ranks to various leadership roles within the organization.

In recognition of her exemplary performance and leadership, she was appointed to the SIB Executive Board as the director in charge of finance and accounting. In this role, she oversees all financial aspects of SIB, including budgeting, financial reporting, and internal controls to drive profitability.

Furthermore, she plays a crucial role in ensuring that SIB complies with regulatory requirements. Her attention to detail and thorough understanding of these requirements help SIB to operate within legal and ethical boundaries, maintaining the trust of our stakeholders.

Pauline’s journey from accountant to executive director is a testament to her hard work, expertise, and leadership capabilities. Indeed, she is an asset to the firm.

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