FA Eric Musau, Chartered MCSI

Executive Director, Research & Sustainable Finance

Eric joined SIB in 2011 as the Executive Director for Research and Operations. He brings to his role a wealth of expertise, with a robust background in the financial services industry that dates back to 2004. Throughout his tenure, Eric has demonstrated an aptitude for diverse coverage as an analyst, producing comprehensive company and economic research tailored for institutional clients.

In addition, Eric has been pivotal in numerous capital market transactions, showcasing his proficiency in Independent Financial Advisory, Rights Issues, Offer for Shares, Private Placements, Share Capital Restructuring Advisory, and Initial Public Offers. His insights and attention to detail have consistently contributed to the success of these transactions.

Beyond his contributions to the firm, Eric is also committed to professional development. He is an EDGE Expert, demonstrating his dedication to advancing gender equality and diversity in the workplace. Additionally, he is a member of the Kenya Green Building Society.

As a valued member of the SIB team, Eric continues to leverage his expertise and passion for financial services to drive growth, deliver useful insights to clients, and champion sustainability initiatives.


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