Dominic Mutinda

Head of Compliance

Dominic is a seasoned compliance professional boasting an impressive 28-year tenure in the securities and capital markets arena. Since joining SIB in 2004, he has been on a path of continuous growth, rising through the ranks to head his department. With a keen focus on operations, delivery, and settlement, he has cultivated an intricate understanding of the regulatory requirements within Kenya’s capital markets.

In order to stay updated with industry best practices, he constantly pursues professional development opportunities. Noteworthy among these are his engagements in on-the-job training on portfolio management with SITI East Africa and completion of a specialized course on Anti-Money Laundering at Strathmore University.

His experience, along with his relentless pursuit of knowledge, underscores his commitment to ensuring regulatory compliance and upholding the highest standards of integrity within SIB. He embodies the ethos of professionalism and dedication that defines the firm, making him an invaluable member of the team.

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