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Discretionary Portfolio Account


The Standard Investment Bank Portfolio Account endeavors to reduce the risk a client exposes his investment to. It is best considered a long-term investment because profits in the stock market are better realized in the long-term due to the business cycles experienced in the stock market. However, this investment also realizes profits in the short-term, when the opportunities in the stock market are favorable.

The client also relinquishes full discretion of the portfolio to the portfolio manager and  receives quarterly reports from the date of investment.

The portfolio managers prudently make investment decisions on behalf of the clients at no extra cost. The portfolio managers invest in listed companies only within The Nairobi Stock Exchange and work to balance performance vs. risk experience in the stock market. The focus on investments is mainly in the active listed stocks which are fairly liquid to facilitate the liquidity of the fund. All the investments are done in a fund and are later allocated to the client`s individual accounts in order to ensure that the clients make a fair return on their investment in relation to the market.

At Standard Investment Bank-Portfolio Management, we work to rise above the industry benchmark.

Investors Profile:
An investor can open a Standard Investment Bank Portfolio Account as an
  • Individual - both joint and single
  • Company and/or Institutions
  • Registered Self Help Group


The investment account is accessible to the clients on a quarterly basis (every three months) from the date of investment with a three days notice from the client, via email, telephone or a visit to our offices. The client is issued with a Portfolio Account Card with details of the account upon investment in the account.
On the review date, the client views the progress of the account and is able to discuss the performance with the customer executive managers.
An investor can also request for the gains on principle investment or liquidation of the whole account on the review date. Investors are advised to give a minimum of 3 days for any cheque to be prepared from the date of request.

  • Minimum amount of Kshs.100, 000. The funds can be remitted at the bank`s premises in cash, or in banker`s cheque.
  • Two passport size photos for the individual(s) in case of an individual/joint portfolio account.
  • Two passport size photos of directors/signatories in case of Company/ Self Help Group Portfolio Account.
  • Copy of ID/Passport for all signatories to the Portfolio Account.
  • Copy of the Certificate of Registration in case of Company/ Self Help Group Portfolio Account.
  • Signing a Portfolio Discretion Contract Agreement.




NSE 20 Share

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KAPC 80.00 85.00 6.25  
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PORT 29.00 30.50 5.17