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Easy Hisa

What is EasyHisa?
EasyHisa is a revolutionary new tool for investing in the Nairobi Stock Exchange where you use your mobile phone to send SMSs and do all your order and account management activity.  With this tool,the first of it`s kind,you can do all your trading and manage your acount from the comfort of your home or office. You don`t have to wait in line for service or disrupt your busy schedule any longer,Standard Investment Bank now fits into your lifestyle.
  • Do you need to place an order?
  • What is the balance in your account?
  • What is the value of your shares?
  • Want to hold your order?
You can do all this and much more at the touch of your fingertips.

EasyHisa is the fastest way to trade in your account.With the service,all orders go to the floor for trading within one hour of receiving an order number.

Eliminate costs and save your money
How much does it cost you trade in the NSE? In addition to the commission cost that you pay, you incur the following:
  • Transportaion to the stockbroker,
  • Cost of absence from your workplace or business and most importantly,
  • The cost of your time.
Standard Investment Bank eliminates these extra costs,thus enabling you to keep more money in your pocket.

Do you have to look for time in your busy schedule to visit your stock brokers` office? Standard Investment Bank recognizes your busy schedule and has now made managing your investments simple. We are at your fingertips and we can serve you in the most efficient manner possible via EasyHisa.

Absolute control over your orders
You see the price of some shares have gone up and you would like to sell, if you wait, the gains you have made may be lost. What do you do? Now simply send an SMS to lock in your profits. Note that there is no intervention in your order as it goes to the trading floor with no delays and no mis-understandings. You can be sure that the control is now at your fingertips.

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NSE 20 Share

stock PREV NOW %  
TOTL 16.50 18.05 9.39  
KAPC 80.00 85.00 6.25  
UCHM 3.70 3.90 5.41  
PORT 29.00 30.50 5.17